Crystals - From the Stone Age To Crystal Catalyst® Technology

Crystal Catalyst® Electronic Smogbuster ceramic is the foundation of all of our subtle energy tools from THE ENERGY WORKS! as described on this webpage. For us, the manufacture of subtle energy products particularly those dealing with EMF protection began in 1989 when John Lowery, co-creator of our company met Robert McKusick, co-founder of Biomagnetic Research, Inc. at a dowsing conference in Santa Cruz, California. Robert presented John with a Crystal Catalyst® Personal Protection Bead which he had invented back in 1972. The bead was originally created by McKusick to deal with his increasing environmental sensitivities and allergies. This application was successful and was the seed of a new company which became Biomagnetic Research.

John drove back to Los Angeles fingering the bead. The bead, combined the industrial quartz used to make chips in Silicon Valley with rare earth material, and a clay combining most of the minerals on earth finished with a turquoise colored glaze used since Egypt for protection It was then combined, formed and fired all the while maintaining a reverent attitude toward both the work being done and the mysteries of life.

John quickly realized that this little bead held the answer to a question which had puzzled him for years: How to run something through an electrical current in both directions. Therein was the key to the PLUGBUSTER, THE AUTO-IMMUNE SYSTEM (replaced by THE AUTO IMMUNE SHIELD) and the CIRCUIT SWEEPER. This little bead formed the basis of all the tools provided on this webpage.

Crystal technology culminating in Crystal Catalyst® material is at its clearest in the energetic amulet pendants which we sell. So now let us go backwards in time to the beginnings of this planet. You cannot get away from quartz since according to whichever authority you believe, quartz makes up from 22% to 40% of the surface of the earth. Its always underfoot!

The ancient modality of crystal therapy generally consisted of the laying on of gems. These gems were carefully selected for their properties by examination through the Law of Signatures which shows us many facets in crystal medicine. The ancients were steadfast in their honor of it as an underlying concepts of natural medicine. Basically the law of signatures asserts that a mineral or plant will tell what its uses are by how it looks, what it tastes like, where it grows, what grows with it.

The color of the minerals, their location in the earth, their feel and texture, their specific gravity, their individual geometric formation, and more are some of the qualities examined through the perspective of the Law of Signatures. All reveal to the careful researcher the energetic properties of the stones. Many of the therapeutic stones used in antiquity as well as those used by THE ENERGY WORKS! contain high percentages of quartz.

Quartz is extensively used in present times in Silicon Valley for chips. In fact, the chemical formula for quartz crystal is Silicon Dioxide (SO2). It also is found in medical devices and communication technology. Now scientific and medical researchers have joined priests, artists and jewelry artisans in finding multitudes of uses for quartz. Incidentally the word adornment referring to jewelry and cosmetic makeup originally could have been named adore-ment -- the act of making sacred.

Quartz as combined with other quartz containing minerals and the Crystal Catalyst® Protective Bead forms all the protective jewelry and amulets provided by THE ENERGY WORKS! The quartz minerals have the original properties of quartz as well as the added properties of the colors, minerals and sacred geometry introduced by the combinant mineral. Some of these quartz combinations are the beautiful pink Rose Quartz, blue and white Sodalite, as well as gold and brown Tiger Eyes, purple Amethysts. golden Citrine and many others. The different colors of the other crystal stones are caused by the presence of small amounts of other minerals. For example, Amethyst gets its purple color from magnesium. Interestingly, magnesium ingested in mineral compounds has a cleansing effect and Amethyst crystals are used for cleansing and purity.

All of the minerals with quartz components, because of their electrical and other abilities have particular abilities to create harmony with the human body. That is the reason THE ENERGY WORKS! provides gemstone jewelry combining quartz based minerals with the Crystal Catalyst® Protective Bead . The unique property of the special Crystal Catalyst® ceramic is that it acts as a catalyst for the energetic properties of crystal stones and, in turn, is catalyzed by then. Once again, the whole created in combining is far greater than the sum of the parts and THE ENERGY WORKS! affords you a way to have the benefits of the ancient art of gemstone energy, and space age technology attractively presented and at an affordable price.

Because of the natural internally occurring piezo electric properties of quartz the mineral can be charged with specific healing programs. as needed. All crystal stones carry a piezo-electric charge and for this reason they have many industrial applications such as chips for computers and watches, (Quartz used for such purposes are grown in bowls made of melted crystals. ) The Egyptians well understood the energetic and mystical properties of crystal, using it not only in medicine and worship but making panels of very clear crystal for windows. This term Cristos was then applied to a very clear form of consciousness, later felt to be exemplified by the one who was called Jesus the Christ.

All of these various configurations and colorations of gemstones have specific properties, some of which are briefly mentioned in the descriptions of the various pendants. There are hundreds of good books out on crystal medicine. If you have interest or curiosity in this area avail yourself of them. Better yet, just pick up a rock of your choice, crystal or not. Keep an open mind and sit with the stone and see what you feel. If you can stay with it a while, you should get some pretty strong impressions.

Because Quartz Crystals have these qualities and also grow in the same Fibonacci curve spiral that recurs throughout nature including the DNA chain, the pattern of fur or hair growth in pinwheel circles. the turn of branches around a tree, many people throughout history have intuitively recognized the very special and unique properties of crystal stones including healing, storing information, amplifying energy, transmitting information . Therefore crystals have been prized throughout history for their beauty and for their energetic qualities.

We invite you to join your crystal research with our own at THE ENERGY WORKS! and with that of the ancients. Please keep us posted on your findings.

Kindest regards,
John and Yolanda