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In the 35 years that our manufacturer has worked with clearing Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radio Frequencies, the Clear Field Resonator is by the most effective tool tested for clearing harmful effects from power line radiation. It was developed in the year 2000 for clearing the harmful effects of radiation of nearby power substations and cell phone towers. Both of these sources of radiation have been shown in numerous foreign studies to trigger cancer and ill health among nearby residents.

Your Clear Field Resonator® alters the harmful nature of electronic and geopathic radiations. It combines the use of Advanced Ceramic Catalyst®, employs an energized silicon plate, Sacred Geometry, and principles of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese Art of Placement.

The resonator can be placed on a wall on the opposite side of a room, or on a stand, facing the source of unwanted external radiation, like cell phone towers or power lines. For geopathic radiations, caused by noxious underground geologic and water source frequencies, the plate can be placed on a stand or hung on the wall, anywhere in the building on same level as the floor you are trying to clear.If used in a bedroom, it should not be aimed at the bed, as it may over-energize some people.

Photos taken with a Polaroid 600 camera, before and after using the plate, show improved image clarity throughout the entire building within about five minutes after the plate is in use. We feel that the plate neutralizes the harmful effects of a considerable amount of electronic radiations within the entire building, but also feel that spot clearing of computers and routers is still important for added safety.

This is the only product we know of, anywhere in the world, that can actually clear all geopathic radiations in an entire building, holding them clear, and altering them to be beneficial. The place will not provide its protective function if placed face down. Clear Field Resonators are not intended for outdoor use.

Production of these plates is limited. They are not mass-produced.

Note: To assure safe arrival to their destination Clearfield Plates will be drop shipped from the manufacturer. All other Energy Works merchandise is FOB Energy Works in Glendale, California.