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Greetings, all.

The Computer User's Special is on sale now.

It includes an Advanced Circuit Sweeper, 3-hole Resonator and Twelve-Pointed Resonator.

John and Yolanda and the furbabies all wish you a happy, healthy, loving, prosperous End of Year and on into 2013.

All the very best,
Yolanda LaCombe Lowery
Glendale, California 91201

A Little About Us
We have been pioneers in the research and development of subtle energy technology and study of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) for over 25 years.

"We understand the problem of electromagnetic pollution. Our business is to provide you with a healthy solution."

The Energy Works! has provided EMF protection devices and EMF protection services since 1990. Backed by extensive research and active use, our EMF products have stood the test of time and have testimonials to back them.

Though we have many positive reports of results experienced from The Energy Works! products, they have not been researched by the FDA. The Energy Works! provides them for research and experimental purposes only. They are not intended to replace advice by a competent medical practitioner.
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